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Are Your Neighbor’s Trees Becoming A Nuisance?

Is your neighbor's tree overhanging onto your property? This problem can be annoying and sometimes, downright infuriating. While some neighbors are considerate enough to take measures that will remove the infringement they are causing on your property, others might...

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3 Types Of Soil In Atlanta

A great lawn, one that adds beauty to the land around your house, provides a perfect place to relax on a nice, sunny day. But what happens if your lawn isn't looking as good as you want it to, because you don't have the right soil to grow beautiful plants and flowers?...

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5 Awesome & Beneficial Garden Insects

There are so many insect species in Atlanta that can provide numerous benefits to your garden. Insects like ladybugs and spiders, for instance, can manage plant-damaging pests, while other insects boost aeration of the topsoil and increase a plant's access to...

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4 Beautiful Trees To Plant On Your Atlanta Property

The city of Atlanta is also called the "City In A Forest" because of the abundance of trees that are found there, with about 36 percent of the area covered with them. Below are descriptions of the 4 most beautiful trees you can grow or see in Atlanta. 1. Crabapple The...

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5 Spring Plants To Liven Up Your Atlanta Garden!

The spring season is a time of renewal and regeneration, and as each day passes, there is exponentially more daylight. The world awakens as animals come out of hibernation and some flowers transform from bud to blossom. Below are some plants that will add beauty and...

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Should You Invest In The Japanese Andromeda Plant?

Do you reside in Atlanta and are looking to incorporate some beautiful evergreen shrubs into your lush backyard garden? Well, you are in luck! The state of Georgia, in general, has well-drained acidic soils, wet and conducive spring and fall seasons, as well as less...

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6 Fall Plants For Your Atlanta GA Garden

Fall is the time of year when trees lose their leaves, annual flowers have died, and everything is getting ready for the cold winter ahead. But there are certain plants that are perfect for planting in autumn, which do especially well in Atlanta's climate. If you have...

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