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“Hey honey! Look at all the beautiful stumps in the yard! Aren’t they a great compliment to our landscape?”

That’s why the same day as tree removal, we use our top-of-the-line stump grinding machines to literally chew down your stumps into a healthy mixture of wood chips and soil, roughly 8″-12″ below ground level.

We leave you with a fertile, blank canvas.

Seriously, just call already.


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complete stump removal in Atlanta, GA

What’s a proper tree service without some sweet stump grinding to go along with it?

Stumps are nothing more than a stumbling block both physically, and in terms of your landscape aesthetics.

They disrupt the flow of your lawn and/or landscape as they serve no purpose and are immovable.

Removing them altogether is a fantastic option, and we offer it the same day as tree removal.

Your scenery will go from droopy and sad, to fresh and optimistic.

You’ll actually desire to spend some time in your backyard with it’s fresh new look.

We go above and beyond to make sure that when we grind and remove your stumps, we leave you with a fresh ground area that is prepped for re-turfing or planting of various plants or shrubs.

We pride ourselves on being a complete tree service that gives you the best possible end result for your landscaping needs.

And we do everything at an affordable price that makes good sense for you, the property owner.

Give us a shout today if you’ve got tall trees that need removing, or large stumps that you’d like to disappear like Houdini.

Out of Danger

safe stump removal in Atlanta

Nothing is more important than safety. Both for you and your property, and for our crew.

The last thing we want is to see someone injured by such a powerful piece of machinery.

We carry workers compensation and liability insurance if any such events were to occur.

Our track record is extremely impressive when it comes to on-site safety.

You can rest assured that we will be extremely cautious in everything we do, and that we’ll do all we can to limit the chances of any unfortunate happenings.

Our goal is to come on to your property, help with tree removal and transform your landscape in front of your very eyes.

Let’s take your yard from bumpy to level. Looking clean and inviting.

Leaving stumps to decay creates an environment that pests love to make their home.

Termites, ants, bees, and snakes are among those known for stump infestation.

Once they establish residency there, they will begin to venture out to surrounding trees and possilby your house in search of new food.

You don’t want that. Let’s vaporize your stumps.


stumps in Atlanta, GA for removal

“Hey let’s buy the house with all the cool stumps in the front yard!” said nobody, ever.

Did you see the link on our homepage to a Pinterest page about stumps turned into planters?

If you missed it, go back and check it out. And then realize that you don’t want to be the weird person that does that, because that leads to other weird activities.

Plus, it’s common for an old stump to grow fungus. And when that begins to spread to your other trees by way of spores, you are really asking for trouble.

Don’t put your gorgeous treescape in jeopardy to save a few bucks.

Top quality stump removal in Atlanta is just a phone call away.

So go ahead, call us. Actually pick up the phone and dial it.

Wow, are you actually still reading?

Scroll up and hit the “Call Now” button!

Whether it’s one stump or twenty, we’ve got the machinery needed to effiiciently and affordably grind them down to a pulp.

If you want peace of mind, call your local professionals in stump grinding and removal in Atlanta, Georgia.


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